Camouflage Coveralls & a Raccoon Hat in NYC

Camouflage Coveralls & a Raccoon Hat in NYC

Posted by Founder, Jennifer Byrd on Jan 18th 2018

It was Christmas, circa 2013. Our little family of 6, including my mom, dad, two sisters, brother, and myself, took a road trip from Georgia all the way to New York City for the Christmas holidays to see some family in the area. Although we were all adults, for some reason, being on the road for that long put us back into our former child selves. We teased each other, we fought over where to eat, we played the alphabet game, we fought over seating, we sang really loudly to radio music, we got annoyed when someone had to stop and use the restroom when we were just at a rest area, and we sprinkled each other with snacks when one of us fell asleep. Most importantly, we were together and we had a really good time, it's the basic memories that count you know!

So anyways, it’s Christmas in New York City and we are strolling the city at night, which means it was cold as ice, literally below freezing temperatures. I decided to dress for the weather and donned my ladies camouflage coveralls over jeans and a thermal long sleeve. I accessorized with a raccoon tail hat, a faux fur scarf, and women’s farm boots over a couple layers of those fuzzy socks you love to get every year for Christmas.

The following things, I lie you not, happened:

• People commented, “You don’t see that everyday!”, “Hm.. where are you from?”

• A driving vehicle stopped next to me on the sidewalk, rolled the window down, snapped a picture of me from their phone, and drove off.

• Several fellow pedestrians also took pictures of me as I walked around the city. At this point, I start to become aware when people are snapping photos of me, so I smile for the camera of course haha :)

• Someone asked me if I was the Asian girl from Duck Dynasty

It was a pretty funny experience; and through it all I enjoyed exposing some New Yorkers to my rustic ensemble, while I kept as warm as buttered toast! 

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