My 2018 New Year's Resolutions!

My 2018 New Year's Resolutions!

Posted by Founder, Jennifer Byrd on Jan 11th 2018

It's the most popular question in January, "What's your New Year's Resolution?" and it has always carried this connotation that you have to give up something. New Year's resolutions don't always have to be about giving up something. New Year's resolutions are about finding ways to improve yourself. 

One year I decided instead of giving something up, why not learn something new? So I decided that learning how to sew would be my New Year’s Resolution. I bought the most basic sewing machine you can find at Wal-Mart, watched a ton of Youtube videos, got my finger eaten up by that mean needle, and I learned how to do some basic sewing! My first project was a pillowcase, then an apron, and a skirt (with an invisible zipper! Those darn things are so confusing!). This was back in 2012…I tried to find pictures but all I could find are pictures of the pillows. So anyways, while I am very much a beginner sewer, it was enough for me to check that off my list. Since then I am so glad I learned, because I have been able to tailor 2 dresses that I wore to attend weddings. Nothing like a tailored fit!

This year I thought, “Why does a New Year’s resolution have to be a focus on one thing?” If I do serious reflection, there are many ways that I could improve myself and the way that I live. So why not have little goals for all the domains of my life? They say that confidence is built upon one small success after another. This is my justification for having many mini-goals instead of one big goal. Maybe I won’t succeed in all of my goals, but effort takes you one step further than where you were before. Here are the domains for which I decided to come up with mini-resolutions:

-family goal

-health goal

-financial goal

-faith goal

-business goal

You could also come up with other domains such as relationship goals, education goals, hobby goals, personal characteristic goal, career goal and so on.

Here are my mini-goals for each domain:

-Family Goal: Potty train my son. By the end of the year he will be 28 months old (or 2.25 years old for those of you non-parents who hate when moms give you the age of their children in the form of a math problem, I understand…I used to hate that too lol) so I hope by then we will at least have had some sort of practical routine for trying to get him out of those diapers! We did try already but that only lasted 2 days when we realized that although he was physically ready, he wasn’t quite mentally ready. No harm done, we’ll try again in a few months! 

This is a picture of us when he was 10 months old and I was pregnant with our 2nd at the Atlanta History Center Museum.

-Health Goal: Exercise at least 2-3 times a week. I like to pretend that running around after my kids is enough exercise, but it’s really not. I used to be a lot more active than I am now. It was always yoga and running in college. Then I was the head coach for the track team when I was in my teaching career. Every school day I joined my girls in practice, sweating it out with them. But now after 2 kids just putting in a solid 1.5 hours at the gym 2-3 times a week is a task. I joined L.A. Fitness right by my house. I was never a gym person before, but this gym has a sauna so I was easily sold.

This is a picture of me and the captain of our Track team, on her graduation day. She was a great leader for our team, always positive, as well as a star athlete.

Financial Goal: Pay off one of my credit cards. Is it the only credit card I own? No, but it is the credit card with the highest interest rate and I just despise it. I despise the interest rate, and I despise what it represents: me allowing myself to spend what I didn’t have. So this year my goal is to pay it off and I’m keeping myself on track by 1) cutting off all spending on this card and 2) setting aside what I need every month to have it paid off by the end of the year. Little chunk by little chunk.

Faith Goal: Be thankful everyday. I’m the first to admit that I can easily get caught up in the stresses of everyday life and forget about the abundance I have been given. Anytime I begin to feel down or stressed out, I want to immediately push my thoughts into being thankful and praising God for the wonderful life I have been given. So this year, I want to really take the time to truly reflect by being still in my head and my heart each day to count my blessings.

Business Goal: I consider 2018 “The Year of the Launch” with my new small business, the Ivy Staple Boutique. My goal is to sell out of my current and original set of inventory by August 2018. Hopefully, as things sell out I can replace them with new pieces and slowly but surely my current inventory will be off of my Inventory Excel sheet that I created, leaving me room for new fun pieces. So be on the lookout for some discount SALES in the future, for those pieces that just have to go in order to make room for more!

So there you have it, my mini-goals across different domains in my life. I encourage everyone to consider the important domains of their life and find ways to make small improvements! I’ve written mine down and stuck it on the wall next to my computer so that I can see it everyday! Cheers to 2018!

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